“It was their genuine interest in my success and well-being…”


  • RN Obstetrics
  • Singapore > Rotorua

From the moment I decided to make this life-changing move, she guided me through the entire process with expertise and care, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies involved in international relocations and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for me.

Tonix has a remarkable ability to understand their clients’ needs and provide tailored solutions. They carefully assessed my circumstances, taking into account my personal preferences, professional aspirations, and legal requirements.  This level of attention to detail ensured that the opportunities presented to me matched my skills, qualifications, and the lifestyle I was seeking in New Zealand.

 Throughout the process, Tonix maintained clear and prompt communication, keeping me informed about potential job prospects, interview schedules, and necessary documentation. Their professionalism and efficiency greatly reduced the stress and uncertainty typically associated with relocating to a new country.

One of the qualities that truly set apart is their genuine interest in my success and well-being.  It was evident that they genuinely cared about finding the right fit for me professionally and personally. Their commitment to ensuring my satisfaction and happiness throughout the process was commendable.

I am now together with my family and co- nurses settled and thriving in New Zealand, thanks to the invaluable assistance of Kate A. Without her expertise and support, this transition would have been significantly more challenging.

Thank you once again to Kate for your exceptional service. I will forever be grateful for the positive impact you have had on my life.

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Rotorua is one of our amazing places with a rich history that you can experience on your doorstep

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Frequently asked questions

We hope these FAQs answer some of your questions. If you have any others, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes, most of our clients are based overseas, however we do work with candidates looking for opportunities from within New Zealand

Please search for us on Instagram, Facebook and our Tonix Website and read the wonderful testimonials from our incredible candidates we have had the privilege to support with their journey to live and work in New Zealand.

Hoping you will be next to come to New Zealand to live, work and play!

www.trademe.co.nz is the most commonly used website to use however you have to be in New Zealand to open an account with them.  You can access it to start researching while overseas.

Once you have a signed job offer we will email you information on how to set up a NZ bank account and registered for a NZ IRD (tax) number.

Your references will be contacted once we are ready to present your CV to the hospitals. We will need to contact two senior members of your current team who you have reported to in the last two years.  We will initially contact your referees via an email but only once we have your written or verbal consent.

Word format is best.  Tonix is happy to review your CV and we can send you a template to assist you in updating your CV if needed.

Your CV should be no less than two pages and no more than four

This is dependent on many variables, i.e., your family situation, visa type and where you are locating to.  Email us at enquiries@tonix.co.nz for more information, specific to your situation.

You are eligible to receive four weeks paid annual leave per year, as per standard employment law, however some professions may receive more. NZ also has 12 national public holidays, plus one day of leave to celebrate regionally per year.

Your employer will assist you in arranging this as part of your employment agreement.

The majority of our candidates work in the larger North Island cities.  This is dictated to by NZ Immigration law where our off shore candidates are only able to fill positions that cannot be filled by NZ citizens.  The majority of our population lives in the upper part of the North Island however we take into account your professional experience, budget, family, friends living in NZ along with your lifestyle preferences.


Interviews are arranged at a time that best suits you and the employer through a variety of methods including WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom and FaceTime.
Due to international time zones, and NZ business hours, your interview is likely to take place either early morning or later in the evening.

We are sorry but we are unable to support your recruitment into a hospital you have contacted directly in the past six months.
We prefer to work exclusively with you.  We will always keep you informed of where your cv is and what positions we have presented you to.

We will work hard to ensure we find you the best possible job and salary in a location that suits you.

Your partner will be required to apply for a visa, based on your visa, and certain conditions will apply. If your partner is a health professional, we can also assist with finding them employment.

Tonix is not licenced to give immigration advice, but we are happy to refer you to our licensed contacts, based in New Zealand, the UK and Singapore who will be able to support you through the process, as required.

The majority of our candidates do not require the added support of an Immigration Advisor.
The approximate cost of a basic visa and professional registration varies.

Email us at enquiries@tonix.co.nz and we will provide you with more information.


To get your qualifications assessed email us on enquiries@tonix.co.nz and we will be able to offer you advice.

Your qualifications, past experience and the role that we secure a job offer for, will determine your fortnightly paid salary in New Zealand.
For a specific estimate, email us at enquiries@tonix.co.nz and we will provide you with more information and support.

We are able to negotiate generous relocation assistance with the hospitals.
The agreed relocation amount will be reimbursed to you on commencement of your employment.

Yes. We can support your recruitment into either.
All critical care is managed through our Public Health System.
Our Private Hospitals provide elective surgeries, mostly Monday to Friday.
Shifts for both Public and Private hospitals vary from 8 – 10 hour days and a few are able to offer 12 hour shifts.

Yes.  Tonix travels to the U.K., Ireland and Singapore annually to meet with our candidates.
We have a Tonix Office based in London for 2023/2024.

Contact us at enquiries@tonix.co.nz to register your interest and we can make a time to meet

Yes.  Email us at enquiries@tonix.co.nz to arrange a time to talk.

It can take anything from 6 – 12 months depending on your personal circumstances and how prepared you are.  The sooner you start your NZ professional registration process the better, as this is your first priority.

Yes in most main centres there is public transport networks of trains, buses and ferries.
You will notice that with a smaller population they are not as frequent, and so you do need to plan your days a bit more!


If you are working in the community then it is expected that you can have this to be able to do your job.

You can find out more about your current licence and how you can access a NZ licence here


Keen to make a start and see what’s possible?

Talk to us now, we are happy to guide you in the right direction, and if it turns out that you end up working with us that is a bonus!